Travel to Skyros

Travel to Skyros

The beautiful island of Skyros is located in the Aegean sea – north-east of the island of Evia and south of the three Sporades islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. The two ways of reaching Skyros are by air or sea.

Flights to Skyros Greece

There is an airport on the island that caters for domestic flights and also international charter flights during the summer season. The airport of Skyros ( airport code SKU ) is located in the north of the island and is the main arrival point for visitors who are coming to Skyros from abroad.

If you want to search for air tickets to Skyros then you can use the search form below to find Aegean Air flights to the island. Remember that July and August are the peak season for flights to Skyros so if you do want to make a booking it is advisable to do so as early as possible.

Ferries to Skyros Greece

The other method of reaching Skyros is by boat, and this is the preferred method of transportation for many of the Greeks who visit the island for their holidays. There are daily ferry boat connections to Skyros from the island of Evia. The port of Kymi on the east side of Evia island is where you will take the ferry boat across to Skyros.

The ferry is operated by the Skyros Ferry Company which runs between Kymi and the port of Linaria on the island of Skyros. The ferry boat “Achilleas” is a very comfortable and modern ferry boat and can transport a large number of passengers and vehicles. As with air tickets, the peak season for travel is July and August so make sure to book your ferry tickets in advance if you plan on visiting the island during these months.

You can find more about the ferry schedule to Skyros by contacting the Skyros Ferry Company on the following information:

Tel – Kymi Evia: – ( + 30 ) 22220 22020 / 22522
Tel – Skyros: ( + 30 ) 22220 91790

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